Bad Tenants? Tally Two Can Help!

As a property owner in Austin, you are likely to encounter some issues with irresponsible or just plain bad tenants. These problems can include damage to your property, expensive maintenance costs and even potential lawsuits. Many landlords can attest to the nightmarish experience of dealing with bad tenants. They don’t pay rent on time, they lie and argue, trash your property and get constant complaints from the neighbors. Whatever the case is, bad tenants can drive you crazy.

While there are ways of dealing with irresponsible tenants, such as getting the agreement right, issuing a breach notice or even going to court, sometimes it just isn’t worth the hassle anymore. Often, the quickest and easiest solution is to sell the rental property.

By selling your Austin property to a company like Tally Two Investment Group, you can avoid the legal headaches involved with evicting bad tenants. If you kick out tenants without following the proper legal framework, you could find yourself fighting a long and costly legal battle. Unfortunately, some nightmare tenants know how to play the eviction game and use this legal framework to drag out the process for as long as they can. In some cases, it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to throw a bad tenant out.

With these ‘legal system-savvy tenants’, there is also the risk that they’re taking out their frustrations on the property itself as they stall the eviction process and game their way into free rent. When they finally do vacate, it’s not uncommon for hostile tenants to leave behind heavy items and trash in exchange for more valuable items, like your appliances and furnishings.

Sell Your Rental Property and Say Goodbye to Nightmare Tenants

In a perfect world, all tenants would be great. They would pay their rent on time, keep your rental in sterling condition and all the neighbors would love them. Unfortunately, this is not the world we live in. If you have bad tenants or are simply tired of being a landlord, let Tally Two Investment Group take the property (and the problems) off your back. Even if your rental requires repairs, we can purchase the property as is.

Don’t let bad tenants cause you one more month of stress. Let Tally Two buy your rental property so you can move forward with future investments. Simply give us a call today at 512-763-0883 to discuss your situation, or simply click the “Receive an Offer” button on this page and fill out our online form.

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