Loss of Income? Sell your Austin Home Quick for Cash.

Have you recently lost your job in Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos or the surrounding area? Loss of income is an unfortunate situation that can happen to anyone. This predicament is even more difficult when you are a homeowner. If you have experienced job loss or another financial crisis, then it’s time to take a deep breath and examine your spending so that you can prioritize your budget.

Staying up-to-date on your mortgage payments should take precedence over most of your monthly payments. Prioritize your bills by putting the ones that affect you and your family’s health and security first. Aside from your mortgage payments, this can include bills like essential utilities (gas, electricity, water), child support, income taxes, insurance, car payments and so on.

Next, go through your budget and aggressively strike out everything else that isn’t absolutely essential. Remember that this is your emergency budget, not your permanent budget, so you may even look at temporarily cutting internet access (depending on your job). Many people overestimate how much money they actually need to live on and underestimate the time it will take to replace their lost income. So do everything you can within reason to cut the fat from your budget in the meantime.

Trouble Making Mortgage Payments

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments due to income loss, it is important to be frank with your mortgage lender. Most lenders understand that these kinds of things happen and are willing to work with you to adjust payments. Alternatively, some lenders may offer you a repayment holiday of a few months or offer to extend the length of your loan. Whatever the situation, it is always best to contact your lender first regarding your inability to make payments rather than the other way around. Lenders are people too and most will appreciate your sincerity and genuine desire to find a way out of trouble.

Failure to cooperate with your lender could result in foreclosure and the loss of your home. This is not only emotionally difficult, it is also detrimental to your credit. A foreclosure is a serious blemish on your credit report that will typically remain on your record for a period of 7 years.

Sell Your Home Fast and Avoid Foreclosure in Austin

If loss of income has rendered you unable to make your mortgage payments, then Tally Two Investment Group can help. It is far better to sell your home than to have it taken away by foreclosure. However, selling a home through traditional real estate methods takes time. Many homes sit on the market for far longer than the seller expects, often for several months. In addition to being a lengthy process, if your home requires updates or improvements, it can also get quite costly. If you have lost your job and cannot afford your monthly mortgage payments, then this is not really an option.

Loss of income requires fast solutions and that’s what we provide. Tally Two is a professional home buying company in Austin made up of a network of investors skilled at handling tough real estate situations. We can provide you with a fast, no-obligation written offer on your home. We review every situation carefully and provide honest answers on what options would be best for each individual, even if they do not profit us in the end. As an experienced real estate Investment Group accredited by the Better Business Bureau, we know that client trust is paramount and do everything we can to ensure all parties walk away from the table happy.

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