Selling A Home Because of Divorce

We can all agree that we cannot foresee the future, but this shouldn’t stop us from anticipating and prepping for worst-case scenarios, like the imminent end of a marriage, for instance. Even when both spouses want to split up amiably, complications may arise. You can always rebuild a new life for yourself, but you may need a lot of time and effort to divide your properties, put them up for sale, find the right buyers and put an end to this stressful situation.

Is there a simpler exit strategy? Of course there is! Even if you’re going through a divorce and having a difficult time trying to sell your home in Austin, Texas and turn your assets into dollars, you could always count on a respectable company that would be willing to buy your home for cash quickly and get you out of a truly unpleasant situation that may be playing with your nerves.

A Messy Divorce & The Need To Sell Your House Fast

If you’ve decided to get a divorce and start fresh, you have to follow a few basic steps to avoid further complications:

1) Get a credit report
2) Inventory your credit
3) Separate individual accounts from joint accounts
4) Contact credit card lenders and find the optimal solution for your joint accounts
5) Refinance or sell your secured assets

Three Important Phases To Focus On

Determine Market Value. Find out how much your home is worth by taking a closer look at comparable sales recorded over the last few months.

Prep Your Home and Boost Its Resale Value. De-clutter, clean, reorganize, depersonalize, gather your personal belongings and improve the indoor and outdoor living areas to attract buyers and get a better deal.

Get Ready to Put Your House Up for Sale. Find a competent real estate agent in your area. Selling a house on your own can be quite a hassle, especially if you are not familiar with the local real estate market and your selling skills are one of your weak spots. In times of great stress, hiring a Realtor may simplify the whole process, but it is advisable to interview at least 3 candidates before selecting the professional who would represent your best interest. Moreover, never disclose your situation. While your house is sitting on the market, do everything in your power to protect your privacy. Advertising the reason why you’re determined to sell may reflect your eagerness to close the transaction and actually encourage buyers to make lower offers.

The Solution: We Are Ready To Buy Your House

If you are in the process of getting a divorce in Austin and want to sell fast and obtain a decent profit, you may not be able to hire a Realtor charging astronomical fees or to invest a lot of money in extravagant home makeover ideas. You know what? We love your home as it sits and we would gladly take it off your hands today. If you want to sell your home conveniently in Austin, Texas and walk away with plenty of cash in your pockets, contact us today at 512-763-0883 and make a big first step towards a brighter, stress-free new life.